A drop-in, low-overhead monitoring web dashboard for a linux machine.
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Linux Dash

A simple, low-overhead web dashboard for GNU / Linux. (~1MB)

DEMO | Installation Instructions


  • A beautiful, simple web-based dashboard for monitoring server info
  • Only 1MB on disk! (with .git removed)
  • Live graphs, refresh-able widgets, and a growing # of supported modules
  • Drop-in install for servers with Apache2 or nginx + PHP
  • Easy to customize and extend
  • Support for wide range of linux server flavors (See Support section)


  1. Make sure you have php5-json installed and enabled
  2. Make sure you have the exec, shell_exec, and escapeshellarg functions enabled
  3. Download the source or clone the repo
  4. Place it in /var/www/ (for Apache); For nginx setup, see this gist by @sergeifilippov

Please note: If you would like to limit access to linux-dash, please add .htaccess or other security measure.

Goals for v2.0

  • Backend ported to Python from PHP
  • Add config file
  • Segregate core code-base and modules
    • Each module in a separate directory with front-end template, back-end file, bash script
  • Add project to package managers


The information listed here is currently limited and will expand shortly.

  • OS
    • Arch
    • Debian 6, 7
    • Ubuntu 11.04+
    • Linux Mint 16+
    • CentOS 5, 6
  • Apache 2
  • Nginx
  • PHP 5
  • Modern browsers